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1 out of 10: From Downing Street Vision to Classroom Reality

A Better NHS  Perhaps the most thought-provoking and often moving health care blog around

A review of NHS SOS. How the NHS was betrayed and how we can save it

Altogether Better  Interesting model of citizen involvement, including some useful resources, such as this work on asset based community development

America, Empire of Liberty. A New History by David Reynolds

An alternative BERWICK report

Beyond Partnership

Brain pickings A weekly feast of thoughtful literary pickings with a min

Building Tales

Buy Health Care Management

Buy Really Managing Health Care

Buy Why reforming the NHS doesn’t work

Conversations about trust 

Developing Change Management Skills

Development as Freedom

Dr Steven Cranfield

Ethical Traps for NHS managers: an NHS Confederation Salon

For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple and wrong

Getting to Yes. Negotiating agreement without giving in.

GP Access Again the whole site is worthwhile but Harry Longmans blog is often the best bit:Harry Longman’s blog

Human values in health care forum  and Think about health Two  interesting and thoughtful groups who run particularly worthwhile conferences

Images of the NHS: an NHS Confederation Salon

Implementing the NHS five year forward view

IS it the economy stupid?

John Ralston Saul

Ken Robinson and creativity Now seen by millions, but not acted upon in education for health care professionals

Let’s stop believing in magic

L. Mencken

L. Mencken quotes

Luminous words: A Think About Health Project

Making Strategy Work

Managing People and Teams

Metis   Another thoughtful blog, from a generic management perspective

More than money: closing the NHS quality gap

nhs managers  Home to the inimitable Roy LIlley

nhs networks The whole site is worth a look but the blog is the most fun

Nuffield Trust

Organisational Change

Organisational Learning and The Learning Organisation

OSCA   A consultancy working ot increase social impact – with some seriously interesting blogs

Patient Voices   This is how the site itself introduces itself (and it lives up to it): it ‘aims to facilitate the telling and the hearing of some of the unwritten and unspoken stories of ordinary people so that those who devise and implement strategy in health and social care, as well as the professionals and clinicians directly involved in care, may carry out their duties in a more informed and compassionate manner’


Prosperity without Growth – Economics for a Finite Planet – Prof Tim Jackson

Really Managing Health Care First Edition

RSA  This is just such a gold mine, the RSA offers 150 free events every year and this site gives podcasts of all of them, Just brilliant.

Russell L. Ackoff

Some rules of REAL commissioning

SYSTEMS FAILURE: Why Governments must learn to think differently by Prof Jake Chapman, DEMOS 2004

Systems Thinking

The Black Swan: the impact of the highly improbable. Nassim Nicholas Taleb

The Corrosion of Character. Richard Sennet. 

The English Enlightenment. Roy Porter 2000 Penguin books London

The Luminous Words Project

The NHS Five Year Forward View

The Unconscious at Work. Individual and organisational stress in the human services. Ed Anton Obholzer and Vega Zagier Roberts, Tavistock Clinic .1994

Tough Minded Leadership

Vanguard in health. Great blog from members of John Seddon’s consultancy Vanguard.

We can’t go on meeting like this ……

We need to talk about Francis


What is happening to leadership in health care?

What is happening to leadership in health care?


Why Reforming the NHS Doesn’t Work: the importance of understanding how good people offer bad care

Read Why reforming the NHS doesn’t work

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