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For fresh thinking on the climate crisis click here where an extended essay, We’re Only Human,  brings together thinking from a wide range of sources including complex adaptive systems, heterodox economics, Earth’s amazing plenum,  and much more. It explores:

– six fundamental causes of the crisis

– five thinking traps that we can so easily fall into when trying to develop solutions, and

– three mindsets that we come across among those advocating solutions.

and then reflects on what these mean for our own individual approach to a way forward.

If you read one thing during COP 26 make it Valerie Iles’ paper ‘We’re Only Human’ Martin Vogel, The Unknowing Project

 https://www.reallylearning.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/iphone-pictures-415.jpgFor some alternative thinking about perennial challenges facing those clinicians and others who are leading clinical services in the NHS click here.

This  part of the website is for people who care about care and want to play their part in making it reliably effective and compassionate. It’s for people who believe in the need for excellent analysis, knowledgeable enthusiasm about clinical care, and leadership behaviours that support, challenge and enable. It’s for people who want to help put the soul back into health care organisations.

 It aims to offer:

short pieces that take a fresh look at tired or lazy thinking –whether from policy makers, professionals or pundits – you can find these on the really irritating and blog pages

longer essays and books that I hope will challenge your thinking and  help you become more effective, excited, and determined to make a difference. You’ll find many of these on the really thinking page

This work dates from before 2018 but addresses dynamics and issues that are still very current. I believe it is both relevant and sufficiently distinctive to be worth making it available.