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ornamental-thistleYou may like or hate these but I hope you find them thought provoking. That is their aim: to re-energise topics where thinking has become lazy, rigid or unhelpful. You are welcome to disagree (please let me know), but not to defend, unquestioningly, a status quo.

We need to talk about Francis – if Ronseal made Inquiries, what would they say on the tin?

Let’s stop believing in magic – instead of trying to wave a wand to change NHS culture lets stop to think about this

Some rules of REAL commissioning – clinical commissioning can’t be interpreted as a chance to fight old battles with new powers

IS it the economy stupid? This was written in response to yet another declaration that ‘its the economy stupid’. It was first published as a guest editorial for nhs managers.

An alternative BERWICK report – with seven committees supporting him Don Berwick suffered from an overload of advice. Here was mine, from the outside …

Building Tales – couldn’t we commission health care this way?

A review of NHS SOS. How the NHS was betrayed and how we can save it – Ed Raymond Tallis and Jackie Davis. Forward by Ken Loach.

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