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iphone pictures august 13 084dSee if this is a website for you by checking out who is behind it:

My name is Valerie Iles and I have an in-depth understanding of management and leadership theory, a breadth of practical experience of the behaviours and dynamics of healthcare organisations and a wide-ranging interest in other fields of study.

I use all of these to offer development programmes that enable healthcare professionals and teams to flourish, re-finding their enthusiasm for their roles, enhancing their ability to interact effectively with others and encouraging them to help their organisations act with care and compassion for patients.

My observation, working with people across the system, is that the current managerial culture, organisational frameworks and governance systems of the NHS drain it of energy and creativity at every level. So I take an alternative approach to leadership, one based on the ‘simple hard’ rather than the ‘complicated easy’. It is the antithesis of competences and is drawn from a much wider range of subjects than the typical MBA. The aim is to enable individuals to BECOME leaders rather than merely acquire leadership competences.

Still not sure? Does it help you to know that :

I have designed and directed four masters degrees in health management

I took my own MBA at the London Business School

I have a clinical background

peak walk 9 09For five years I ran the national leadership programme for the RCGP

I am an Honorary  Professor at two wonderful and very different universities, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Bucks New university, and a Fellow of the RCGP

I have been vice chair of a large NHS Trust and of a Health Action Zone

and that I’ve authored or co-authored 4 books, two of which have been award winning?

Of course you can make up your own mind from what you read elsewhere on the site but click here for a range of testimonials

Here are a couple if you don’t want to click (!) :

Valerie has fundamentally altered the way I think about clinical leadership and done more than anyone to enthuse me about the challenges we face to deliver high quality in  a modern health service    Simon Hargreaves, GP

Anybody who wonders how  the Mid Staff failure happened should read Valerie’s book! She dissects systematic failures of NHS organisations in a fascinating manner  Sandra Mounier Jack, LSHTM

Really interesting and different, very interactive and vital. Programme participant, LSHTM