learning sets

IMG_0826The kind of learning set I offer is rather different from the typical form of action learning.


These sets are an opportunity to explore an issue in depth, with a group of equally thoughtful practitioners with a wealth of experience. Together we draw on our own experience, investigate relevant literature from a range of fields, and over a period of 6 months to 2 years develop some significant new thinking that we test in practice and then make as widely known as we can. We believe this is hugely valuable to all of us involved and also for the wider service. See what you think by reading some of our reports below.

I often co-facilitate these with Julia Vaughan Smith of Anaptys.


whyrefbookWhy reforming the NHS doesn’t work the importance of understanding how good people offer bad care

Beyond Partnership

Making strategy work in complex organisations


 Conversations about trust: does it matter whether NHS organsiations trust each other?




Personal Development Learning  Sets

I do also offer facilitated Learning Sets. These are a series of six one-day meetings over the course of a year, in which a half day exploration of issues raised by Set members is combined with a half day of interactive teaching abotu concepts that are especially relevant. This mixture of theory, practical experience, and peer support is a highly potent one.

If you are interested in such a Learning Set for your team or for a group of firends and colleagues contact me to discuss it further.