bespoke support for teams and team leaders

autumn treeSupporting team leaders

When you are leading in clinical settings you need support – support in thinking through your relationships with others and how to make them healthy and productive; support in thinking through the options facing you and your team; support in finding your own style of leading. I hope you can find a lot of that in your own organisation, but it is also valuable to have an independent source of support. If you feel from what you see on this site that my kind of support would help you enjoy and be effective in your role then do contact me.

I describe what I offer as a cross between coaching, mentoring and developing: empathising with you in your role; supporting, certainly, and also challenging (productively!); and introducing you to new concepts if I think they may be helpful. Never taking over your agenda I help you to see the world in new ways – and as a result you find new ways forward.

Team interventions

If you are leading a team, or are a member of a team, that is not working together as effectively as it needs to perhaps because relationships are difficult, the culture is unhealthy, or attitudes are complacent rather than compassionate and creative, then I can also offer support.

Typically I will come and meet you to discuss the challenges you are facing, then, with you, design an intervention (perhaps a workshop, a meeting, a set of conversations, a development programme, or whatever we think will shift attitudes in a healthy direction) to meet your needs within your budget.