clips3 Welcome to Really Learning  –  a website that offers all sorts of freely downloadable thinking to challenge the prevailing NHS management orthodoxy and provoke discussion and debate. In this way it hopes to energise clinicians of all sorts into reinventing the NHS into a dynamic, effective, 21st century service that once again inspires the UK population with confidence and pride.

Really Learning is for people who care about care and want to play their part in making it reliably effective and compassionate. It’s for people who believe in the need for excellent analysis, knowledgeable enthusiasm about clinical care, and leadership behaviours that support, challenge and enable. It’s for people who want to help put the soul back into health care organisations.

If that’s you then please read and share what is here.

The site aims to offer refreshing and empowering viewpoints:

short pieces that take a fresh look at tired or lazy thinking –whether from policy makers, professionals or pundits – you can find these on the really irritating and blog pages

longer essays and books that I hope will challenge your thinking and  help you become more effective, excited, and determined to make a difference. You’ll find many of these on the really thinking page

And as part of the wider Rethinking Economics movement that developed out of the Great Financial Crash of 2008, and the associated Austerity programme enacted by the government,  here  http://www.reallylearning.com/rethinking-economics/  you will find a range of short essays covering some of the key arguments that demonstrate that the  role of the Government can and must be considered very differently: for example:

How much do wise governments spend?

How Magic Money trees work.

Nobody wants inflation – or do they?

The crucial role of the State in addressing the climate emergency