really supporting: practical help for you and your team

flipiphone pictures 023I hope you have found the thinking and resoruces on this site interesting. More than that, I hope they have been helpful.

And if you would like more help, help in being as effective as you would like to be, either as an individual or as a service, or as a team, do please contact me.

You may want help focusing on the simple hard and not getting bogged down in the complicated easy. Or help to become (even) more effective at:

  • identifying and achieving what it is you care about
  • engaging effectively with the other people you need to interact with
  • resourcing yourselves emotionally so you can respond constructively ‘in the moment’, instead of feeling constantly drained and wary (even hostile)
  • seeing the wider picture so that you can exploit potential opportunities and protect your service against possible threats

and generally keeping in touch with the enthusiasm that brought you into health care.

Or there may be a particular opportunity you want to explore, or an issue you want to consider from  different perspectives. I offer coaching and mentoring, bespoke work with teams, learning sets, and workshops and taught programmes. Or a mix of some or all of them.



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