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What would you do?

Read the vignettes below, think about what you would do in this situation, and compare your answer with our commentary.

Please note that these conundrums have been added to the site over the last 3 - 8 years so some of the names of organisational structures, projects or initiatives, will have changed since they were written. The management issues remain the same. Click below for:

Conundrum 1 - Giving Feedback

Commentary 1

Conundrum 2 - Holding someone to account

Commentary 2

Conundrum 3 - Managing a team

Commentary 3

Conundrum 4 - Using status wisely

Commentary 4

Conundrum 5 - Constructive dialogue

Commentary 5

Conundrum 6 - Frustrations as a NED

Commentary 6

Conundrum 7 - Responding to diktat

Commentary 7

Conundrum 8 - Knowing when change is possible

Commentary 8

Conundrum 9 - When emotion gets in the way of effective working

Commentary 9

Conundrum 10 - Understanding costs